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We offer the most in-depth diagnostics and expert medical analysis, along with natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapies and more! We provide customized nutritional counseling and a highly successful medical weight loss program, personal fitness regimens ,and pharmaceutical-grade supplementation. We will not only help you lose weight and feel healthier, but provide lasting results which address the true causes of your issues and not just the symptoms!

Our Services

Medical Weight Loss

We will develop a personalized weight loss plan unlike any other you’ve ever seen! Based on hard core science and our unique testing, including genetics, we’ll identify the biological markers that need to be addressed. Other programs that don’t identify the proper markers will ultimately fail.


Cryoskin is a noninvasive fat loss treatment which will help you painlessly lose inches by destroying cellulite to contour your body without surgery. Cryoskin can also improve the appearance of your skin and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your face.

Diabetes Prevention & Reversal

The United States leads the world in diabetes. Our staff can perform a thorough evaluation and not just treat your diabetes but help you with a plan to reverse your diabetes.

Menopause Treatment

Feel like yourself again! If you suffer from menopause symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, foggy thinking, memory lapses, weight gain and more, we can help!

Thyroid Balance

Thyroid imbalances are common in many people, most doctors just test 1-3 markers, our team tests about 13 markers!

Hormone Therapy

Counter the effects of aging such as fatigue, weight gain, low libido, aches and pains! We offer a natural solution which will help your body and mind feeling younger.


Experienced Staff

Dr. Azar and his outstanding medical staff will help you on your way to optimal health.


Preventative Medicine

We identify the root causes of symptoms & illnesses to help you be the best you can be at any age.


Multi-Faceted Approach

We have the technology & medical expertise to uncover the root causes of your health problems.


Science Based

Our treatments are science-based, effective, personalized, and caring. Utilizing the latest research, we consitently enhance our medical therapies.


Walk the Path of Success

With our signature programs, and our caring and experienced medical team, you are starting on an exciting path with a proven track record of success!


Lifelong Health

We not only help you to get naturally healthy, but also empower you with the tools and strategies to maintain your new and healthy body for the rest of your life!

Optimize Your Longevity


You only live once

Where Do I Start?

Free Initial Consulatation

Discuss the health issues or health goals you would like to achieve with our team. Usually lasts about 1 hour at no cost to you.

Detailed Evaluation /Blood Work

This is what sets up apart! We test your body type and blood for hundreds of specific markers to determine a treatment plan unique to your body’s biology.

Individualized Plan Discussion

All test are reviewed with you personally by a physician and all of your questions will be answered. This meeting begins your science base transformation.

The New You - Achieving Your Goals

Once you are well on your way to achieving your goals, our team will continue to support, guide, and educate you so your results are not only achieved but maintained indefinitely!

Scientifically Proven Results

Lose the weight and keep it off

Why we are different:

We treat disease before it happens

One of the largest blood panels in the U.S., providing more information for accurate diagnosis

Cutting edge disease reversal programs

Meet Our Team

Dr. Anthony Azar, MD

Jessica Abreu, CMA, CIHC

Gina Vignogna, RN BSN

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