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Kris’s Weight Loss Story

Kris tells us about her weight loss journey. From her decision to try Ageless Medical to achieving her goal of losing more than 45 lbs! Learn more about the benefits of leading a healthier life, how our team helps support you, and how our weight loss plans make it easy.

Experience the Ageless Medical difference in Westchester, NY

Steve shares the story about his astonishing results! In about 5 months he lost 75 pounds!  Watch the video to learn more about his experience and the difference of working with Ageless Medical. 

Results Are More Than Just Weight

Not only did Steve lose 57 pounds in 5 months, but we were also able to reverse his Type 2 Diabetes! Steve’s story is a great example of how Ageless Medical addresses the real issues behind your weight instead of treating the symptoms 

Down from 189 lbs to 169 lbs during his first month of treatment!

I have been on the program for about five weeks now, and I am currently down 20lbs. I haven’t felt this healthy and energized in probably about ten years. I am very dedicated to the program, I weigh out all my food portions every three days and keep containers with my proteins and vegetables ready to go to do the cooking (time in the kitchen) very easy. I do my breakfast and lunch prep in the evening when I am making my dinner, so I am good to go for the next day, and I only have to worry about cooking once a day.

The program is challenging in the beginning during the detox phase since I’m sure my body was going through a type of ‘withdrawal’ from all the fatty/salty foods I was used to eating; but after the first week I really started feeling better, and the results were so encouraging that it gave me the motivation to go all the way. There is no secret; you have to stay disciplined if you want to see the outstanding results. After only five weeks, I fit into clothes I haven’t worn in 10-15 years, friends see me and are shocked by my transformation, and it feels great, I feel great!

I also want to thank the staff at Ageless Medical for their fantastic support, especially Jessica and Dr. Azar, you guys made it possible!


Michel P
52 yr old male, 5′ 7.”

Cryoskin Membership

Take advantage of huge savings and sign up for our new Cryoskin Membership option!  For a limited time our patients have the option of signing on to get 2 treatments per month for only $400 per month. Usually each Cryoskin session costs $350 but with a 2 month commitment you can secure these huge savings!

Our hormones are like a life force that runs through our bodies.

When we have the proper levels of each hormone and they are all in balance with one another, our bodies thrive. However, as we get older we often experience a decline in our hormone levels and, as you probably guessed, these levels don’t all decline at the same rate. This is when we experience the symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, fatigue, low libido, and ill health.

Inflammation Kills

Another important thing to know about hormones is that they have an enormous impact on inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation is the source of the most life threatening illnesses in our culture today, such as heart disease, strokes, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Hormones are very powerful anti-inflammatories and keeping them at optimal levels will profoundly improve our odds of longevity and an enhanced quality of life.

Lifesaving Tests

With the correct testing and expert medical analysis of things like blood, urine, and saliva, a properly trained and experienced physician like Dr. Azar can determine which hormones may be deficient in your body. He can then prescribe a regimen of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and pharmaceutical grade supplementation when needed. Rebalancing your body’s hormone levels and returning them to their optimal state not only eliminates symptoms, but prevents disease and ultimately adds vitality to your life!

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