Thyroid Balance

Signs of Thyroid Imbalance

Undiagnosed thyroid imbalances are common. Most Doctors test 1-3 thyroid markers, our team tests 13 markers that affect the thyroid.

If you’re noticing an increase in weight or hair loss despite your best efforts to maintain your health and regulate your weight, you may have a thyroid issue. If you have weight gain, hair loss, dry brittle nails, constipation, anxiety or fatigue, seek help from the team at Ageless Medical.
When you notice that your hands and feet are cold, despite your best efforts to stay warm and dress for the weather, thyroid balance may be needed to regulate these imbalances your thyroid is causing.

An Example of 

Thyroid Imbalance

Jennifer, an actual patient, is a 39 year old female who had been on thyroid medications for 10 years.

However, she was still somewhat symptomatic and was gradually gaining weight. Our testing found that other medications she was taking caused a metabolic imbalance, affecting her thyroid. Those medications were changed, her thyroid function returned to normal and she is no longer on thyroid medication. By the way, she has lost weight and feels better than she has in years!


Some symptoms of thyroid disorders are:


Chest Discomfort


Hair Loss


Cold Hands/ Feet




Anxiety/ Depression


Dry Skin/ Brittle Nails



However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thyroid hormones are the most active hormone in the body. Hence, an imbalance can cause literally hundreds of symptoms. Let us at Ageless Medical, determine the root causes of your symptoms which must include a thorough thyroid assessment.

Let us perform our extensive testing to help you better balance your body and your life. 

Feel Energized & Healthy

If you have a thyroid issue or you suspect you may have a developing problem, turn to the experts at Ageless Medical. We’re offering tomorrow’s medicine today, which means we have the solutions to address your specific problem and start treatment. At Ageless Medical, we offer a variety of treatments, including weight loss programs, hormone replacement therapy, menopause treatment and more.
To learn more about our thyroid balancing, please call us today. Our staff would be happy to schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you.

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